Photo of me
Photo courtesy of Sadie Echols
Name: Eric Myket
Age: 27
Birthdate: 1 April 1987
Occupation: Speed Safe Processor (I process speed camera tickets for Howard County MD under contract to Xerox)
Alma Matres: Howard Community College - 2012-2014
Studying for my CPA; expected completion 12/2014
University of Rochester class of 2009
Major: BA, Music (mostly theory, some performance)
Long Reach High School class of 2005
Contact: email

Hi. I'm Eric. This is my site, as you might have gleaned from the frontpage. (It's pronounced "TECH-im.") Apart from the very basic description above, I'm not entirely sure how to describe myself. I guess, in a word, I'll call myself a maker, because ultimately that's what I enjoy doing the most (see the projects page). For a long time I considered myself a musician, but seeing as how I'm not really playing or writing right now I can't really call myself that.

Feel free to take a look around, visit my various social media sites on the left, contact me if you like. Enjoy.

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